21 de dez. de 2014

That old sad and blue woman

N. 708
Oil/acrylic on canvas
100x100x02 cm

Um comentário:

Roger Gauthier disse...

Sad, sad, so sad! My God, there is despair written all over this face. I can feel it almost physically, and I would dare say it brings tears to my eyes. Stupid, hey?

Well, you're good, I've never said otherwise. And if I remember correctly, you did not show this one on facebook, did you?

You did not show this extraordinary portrait to the empty minds on facebook! I think I can understand why. My God, their collective mind is empty.

I am thinking of the image you put on facebook on December 27. Could I comment on it after what was written? Well, maybe I should have.

Tonight, I will drink a second glass of Château d'Agassac 2009 while thinking of you. Have aw Happy New Year, my friend! Whatever that means, I hope it will be true for you, along with many trips, and peace of mind.