14 de set. de 2014

L'abstraction et le visage

N. 698
Oil/ acrylic on canvas
100x100x02 cm

2 comentários:

Roger Gauthier disse...

And a title in French on this one! :-) That means: Hey Roger, where have you gone? Where's your mind? Put it to work!

Well, I will perhaps disappoint you this time. First I find this image both beautiful and poignant. Second, and it's the main point, I don't know what it means.

That would not be the first time. On the other hand, your title tells it clearly: L'abstraction et le visage. I will be darned, it's really abstract, and you're laughing at me somehow, aren't you? :-)

You had another one in blue a few days ago, called Abstraction and face, which is the same thing. Well, I could see a tortured face in it. Not in this new one.

But is it really important? I don't think so. I can see your mind and thoughts evolving, though.


Unknown disse...

I Love this one, but I do love things that are abstract, they communicate emotion, without clutter. A more direct link to the mind, as it were. Excellent Art.

Roger Gauthier, had highly recommended your blog, and he was right!