23 de mar. de 2014

People and Norma Jeane M. Backer

N. 673
Oil/ acrylic on canvas
80x140x02 cm

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Roger Gauthier disse...

Wow, my friend, what a splendour. I wonder how many people know who she was, this Norma Jeane aka MM.

I've been away for a long time. What an unfaithful reader I am! I just came back from the United States where I have many friends. But I do not like that country, I do noir like the way they think. I do not like this hypocrisy, this religion that governs so many things. I do not like this racism…

Anyway. It is a shock seeing your recent work. Sometimes I think that your mind is as troubled as mine with all that is going around us.

And this painting… I do not know if it is beautiful. I am seeing her, it is, I would say a post cubism painting. So sad. And always those people, and those heads.

Thank you, my friend. I could say a lot about the fact that nobody comments on such important work.

Hey, you, followers of this blog! Where are you! Is this too hard for you? Can't you stop for a minute and try to understand this work?

People are people. They don't have the time. Or maybe, just maybe, they know nothing about nothing.

Sorry about this rant, my friend. I am sorry about so many things nowadays… thank you again for your work. I wish I could communicate using your beautiful language.

Roger from Québec