21 de out. de 2013

Batons - Lipsticks - Rouges à lévres

N. 651
Óleo/ acrílica sobre tela
100x100x04 cm

Um comentário:

Roger Gauthier disse...

And you’re back in this valley of tears that is our world today!

I won’t comment about your apparitions on facebook... I hate facebook, it is ataxic I fear. :-)

About this picture... first things first. A first impression is that it is wonderfully beautiful. Women... beautiful women of course. Aren’t all women beautiful? A second impression is that none of those women is happy.

And this brings me to your title - I do not understand your title. Well, maybe,but maybe not, so I will leave this problem aside for now.

I am happy to see you back here!

Roger, back from France