6 de set de 2013

Three spaces

N. 650
Oil/acrylic/collage photo
100x100x04 cm 

Um comentário:

Roger Gauthier disse...

Here I am, once again. This last summer has been quite hectic, sorry for not being there more often.

So, about this extraordinary work. Are you going to explain it to me? Or am I left to my own, trying to understand? :-)

This is so different from what you usually do that I am stunned. I see how you did it of course. A man, a woman, a background with... urinals, of all things.

And a lot of faces everywhere. The woman seems to stretch a hand, and inside the hand there is a head!

In French, I would call this one "dérapage". I don't know how to put that correctly in English...

A very special piece of work, surprising, even stunning. Congratulations, Mr. Artist.