23 de jun. de 2013

Brasil : Opening the box

N. 643
Oil/ acrylic on canvas
100x100x04 cm

2 comentários:

Roger Gauthier disse...

Omigod this is not funny at all. My thoughts are with you and all the people of your great country. So much richness created, yet so much suffering, and most of all, such terrifying inequalities!

Tell me, what's coming out of this box, your box? A wave? The tide? A tsunami?

God, it's a Pandora's box! Something terrifying, maybe something great, will come out of this. You're a very proud people in a gigantic country. No reason not to reach a better equilibrium, more protection for the poor, for those who have nothing, yet are proud to be part of Brazil.

And maybe, just maybe because this is not my country, Brazil should develop a bit more slowly, becoming greater because everybody would benefit.

This may seem a bit patronising coming from a guy coming from my country, but this is not my intent, far from it.

After all, no reason to have such inequalities in this continent of ours called the Americas!

Marialuisa Giovannini disse...

parece-me a tal lata de espinafres .... gosto da metafora !