2 de mai. de 2013

Tired internet

N. 634
Oil/acrylic on canvas
70x90x04 cm

2 comentários:

Art disse...

Wow! Fantastic painting, lovely colors!

Roger Gauthier disse...

Hello Jaime,

Where are my neurones? Where are my synapses? Sometimes I think that you paint in order to baffle me. Personally. Just joking of course. :-)

Is this work of art beautiful? I don't know. Anyway you know what I think of art and beauty, the fact that they don't necessarily go together. But the fact remains, it is a work of art, a method of transmitting emotions and ideas.

I could say that here you are cryptic, but I'm not sure. Let me tell you what I feel looking at it:

I see a door. Yes, a door. And windows. And people, Getting into contact through electronic means, without even seeing or knowing each other.

If I may, it has always been the case, or the equivalent. After all, what is a letter sent to someone? What is a book that you read, a book written by somebody you never met? It's always been the same thing, except that nowadays it is much faster, A good thing? I cannot answer that, only the future will tell.

Thank you for this wonderful work… and for making me think.