9 de mai. de 2013

In honor of Roger Gauthier - The man and his surrounding

N. 638
Oil/acrylic on canvas
70x90x04 cm

Um comentário:

Roger Gauthier disse...

By Jove, Jaime, this is the most extraordinary honour anybody has made me for a very long time.

I just wanted to tell you this for the moment, before I take a bit more time, tonight, to comment more extensively.

I will also dare write the following. Did you notice how few people took the time to comment your work? This has been nagging me… On my own blog, I've found that the only persons that will comment are those on whose blog I leave comments. In truth, it has nothing to do with the value of my work or your work.

So what is the interest of having a blog? I don't know!

I could go on… I guess that I am in a bad mood tonight.

Thanks, and I will be back feor a more complete comment.