6 de abr. de 2013

Melanie Klein - The man and his 7 children's puppets

N. 614
Oil/ acrylic on canvas
100x100x04 cm 

2 comentários:

Antonio Machado disse...

Boa noite Jaime,
seu trabalho é bom e cada vez melhor.
Mas nós que criamos, às vezes somos mais felizes. Este trabalho é um exemplo de rara felicidade. Está Fantástico!!1
Um grande abraço de todos do atelier

Roger Gauthier disse...

I am not sure that I agree entirely with Antonio's comment above. I can understand why he finds that this work is full of happiness. But…

Right, these are fun colours. Almost children-like (puppets, after all!). But the expressions are not all that happy.

And you did p;ut this question in writing, right in the picture: HOW CAN I?

And there is this obvious question mark. As is often the case, you leave me wondering, in doubt.