10 de jan. de 2013


N. 607
100X100X02 cm

4 comentários:

Unknown disse...

Muito linda.

Antonio Machado disse...

Caro Jaime,
muita força nesta sua tela!
O expressionismo é a sua linguagem.
Um grande abraço

Art disse...

Wow! This is so stunning!

Roger Gauthier disse...

Well well well… Jaime my friend, you're becoming more and more conceited. Sometimes I think I understand you, and sometimes I fail miserably.

I will not try to go too far into this one. I could tell you though what it suggests to me, not what I think it is. A woman kept captive inside by her own life… See! She's looking outside obviously, she got rid of one blade in order to see better with those absolutely huge eyes, huge, hungry eyes, hungry with the desire to see something else, to live something else perhaps?

And this disillusioned mouth. I marvel at the technique you used to create it. I know nothing about the art of painting, but I see hard lines superimposed with much softer ones, qui remarkable.

I hope all is well for you, my friend.