8 de nov. de 2012

FACE - 2012

N. 599
80X140X04 cm

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Roger Gauthier disse...

Hello Picasso! The moment I saw this painting, I thought of Dora Maar au Chat from Picasso. Picasso's style at that time was simpler I would say, less complex, but his ideas about portrait were quite similar, by God.

A bit like Picasso, you put emphasis on the eyes and the mouth.o Now, where those elements are placed depends on the painter's whim at that precise time, I would say. One thing is for sure, whether they are at their usual place or not is not important.

I would say that using this kind of technique forces one to take its time and analyse the painting. This cannot be done at a glance, oh no no no…

As I often do, I scaled up your image a bit and I'm now using it as a desktop picture. This way I can have it constantly in my mind and get a better grasp of it.

BTW, I'm sorry to hear that there are some problems in your family that trouble you. I hope that this is nothing serious, and my thoughts are with you.


Art disse...

Amazing, i love it!