1 de out. de 2012

LOVE - 2012

N. 583
100X100X02 cm

Escolhida no 6* SHOWCASE WINNER do (USA) na categoria pintura.

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Roger Gauthier disse...

Hello Jaime, I'm back on the blogs!

After two months in France without a computer, and two more months after that literally without a home (bought another house that could not be ready before September 20…), I oncer again visit old friends. Sorry about this hiatus, but it could not be helped. Three months and a half, maybe more, without a computer…

If you will forgive me, I will not try to analyse or critique this beautiful work of yours. I have yet to go back to your previous work and see what devious things you've been doing while I was away… :-)

Anyway, I will yet say that it is both beautiful and "apparently" straightforward: Well, you tell it yourself, it's all about love… even if with you I should have learned to be more cautious!

I'm trying to integrate this with your work of several months ago and it doesn't seem to be along the same pattern. Love… maybe it does exist after all! Love among dirt, anguish, misery and poverty.

Did I ever tell you? It seems that you often favour bold reds and blues. I do like it, don't get me wrong! Maybe it's a climate affair… :-)

I shall be back with other meaningless comments!

Roger :-)